About Us

This community is our home. We live here, serve neighbors here, founded Thomasville National Bank here. This means we provide an immediate, local response to you, our customers, and it means that our business ultimately builds this place, this region, your home.

Together, Thomasville National Bank and TNB Financial Services are proud to provide fully integrated services - from checking to loans to investments – and proud that our financial growth supports and stays here in our local community.

The Idea

In 1995, Thomas County did not have its own bank - unlike almost every other county in our state. The founders of Thomasville National Bank wanted something better for the place they called home. Pride was certainly an underlying principle, but pure practicality was equally important. We knew a bank focused on the unique needs of Thomasville and its region could serve our people better.

The focus of TNB is on how to do a better job with a customer's account, not on acquisitions, mergers, and a multi-state bottom line. We write our policy here; we adapt it for the people we know.

The Proof

The TNB idea has worked - phenomenally. Almost immediately we became one of the most successful new banks in recent history. Today, TNB has total assets of over $880 million. The Bank's investment division, TNB Financial Services, now has client assets over $2 billion under advisement and provides financial planning, investments, trust, brokerage and other related financial services. We were proud to be recognized recently by American Banker magazine as one of the Top 200 Community Banks in the country, ranked 2nd in the nation (2017).

From the beginning, TNB's goals have been soundness, profitability, and growth - in that order. In our third year, all had been fulfilled, none compromised. In October 1998, we opened a full service branch on Remington Avenue. We have struck a chord with our community.

The Process

Why has TNB been so successful - producing strong returns for shareholders, benefiting local economic development? It always comes back to people. This bank was built from the bottom up by local residents. They are dedicated. They are experienced. They are responsible.

Truly unique at Thomasville National Bank is the authority that employees have at every level. Whether at a lobby desk or in loan operations, they can make decisions to help customers. Many banks boast of "personal" banking, but the proof of our person-to-person attitude is in action. When a customer needs a special solution or a problem solved, our employees can do it. There is no wall between them and the people they serve, no faceless authority far away.

Thomasville National Bank is our community: Its customers, its employees, its officers are one. TNB's shareholders do truly share - in a success story still being told.